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Date: 10-02-2017

Over the past 48 years, Apollo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has developed and enacted various Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives with aims for the betterment of our society.

Under the leadership of our management team, we have consistently placed a greater value on the interests and benefits of our society such as protecting the environment, promoting our social responsibilities and taking responsibilities for the impact of our activities on our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders instead of the desire to maximize quick short-term profit. As one of our corporate objectives to achieve long term sustainable growth, we implemented highest possible environmental and ethical standards throughout our global operation units in additional to continued commitments to enhance corporate transparency in all aspects of our corporate activities.

With these tools in place, we are well-equipped to enter into a new era of economic environment and social responsibilities. Our success today merely reflects our yesterday’s vision for the future of tomorrow

Santi Wahawisan

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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